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101 things to do before you die

1. Write the story of your life
2. Watch every James Bond film
3. Sing along in a music store
4. Build a snow cave
5. Get in the record books
6. Turn your mobile phone off for a week
7. Run in fancy dress for charity
8. Blow a month’s wages on shoes
9. Paint a self-portrait
10. Bury a time capsule
11. Leave behind a million dollars
12. Learn to play a song
13. Plant a tree and carve your name
14. Go on holiday with no luggage
15. Have a night at the opera
16. Learn a different language
17. Play an elaborate practical joke
18. Host a cocktail party
19. Spend Christmas Day helping out
20. Meditate for 3 hours in one setting
21. Spend a week at sea
22. Get re-married in Vegas
23. Skinny dip at midnight
24. Have a suit hand made
25. Spend the night in a haunted house
26. Make fire the old-fashioned way
27. Swing through the air on a trapeze
28. Horse-ride through the surf
29. Read a book a fortnight a year
30. Make your own pasta
31. Swim with something big
32. Sleep outdoors watching the stars
33. Create an online alter-ego
34. Cook something you’ve grown
35. Resign by all-staff email
36. Go out shopping in just a Drizabone
37. Catch a fish and eat it that day
38. Brew your own beer
39. Learn to throw a boomerang
40. Ride a giant rollercoaster
41. Surf and snowboard in one day
42. Build a tree house
43. Take pole-dancing lessons
44. Pash a policeman on New Year’s Eve
45. Do a Roar & Snore at the zoo
46. Give a homeless person your lunch
47. View a house you can’t afford
48. Hire a house boat
49. Go trekking, carrying all your gear
50. Build something that will outlast you
51. Research your family tree
52. Go to a bedding store in your PJs
53. Cut your own hair
54. Get involved in a protest rally
55. Make a crowd sign for the cricket
56. Leave a love note on a windscreen
57. Build a giant sandcastle
58. Blow a kiss to a bikie
59. Wear fancy dress for a whole day
60. Spend an hour in a lift
61. Get your fortune told
62. Make a baby laugh
63. Make a snowman
64. Make love on the beach
65. Help out at a soup kitchen
66. Send flowers for no reason at all
67. Watch the sun rise
68. Watch the sun set
69. Make a cake for the teachers
70. Take the day off on your birthday
71. Spend Christmas Day in Lapland
72. Make a heap of autumn leaves
73. Walk through knee-deep mud
74. Tell your Mum you love her
75. Have a night at the ballet
76. Take evening classes with a friend
77. Take tap-dancing lessons
78. Write a letter to your grandchildren
79. Smile at 100 strangers
80. Read the plays of Shakespeare
81. Do a first-aid course
82. Keep a diary for a whole year
83. Google yourself
84. Visit your parents in a limousine
85. Live off the land for a week
86. Listen to your iPod right through
87. Fast for 48 hours
88. Skip with your kids along the beach
89. Take a vow of silence
90. Finish a crossword or sudoku
91. Give blood
92. Write to your favourite author
93. Walk a marathon
94. Contact your childhood sweetheart
95. Give an emo a big sloppy kiss
96. Pretend to be invisible
97. Buy some outrageous sunnies
98. Wind up a security guard
99. Send a message in a bottle
100. Make a kite and fly it
101. Test-drive a car you can’t afford

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